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A well-known specialist in the field of applied magnetohydrodynamics, Professor Arkady Borisovich Kapusta, a scientist and engineer, passed away in April, 2021 at the age of 90.

A.B. Kapusta grew professionally along with intensively developing magnetohydrodynamics in the 1960’s. He got his PhD degree working with a strong team of Donetsk MHD researchers, and later in his carrier he became a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. A.B. Kapusta created his own field of research in applied MHD and rallied a group of brilliant young scientists around him. During his activities, Prof. A.B. Kapusta dealt with many scientific and technical problems, collaborating with leading academic and industrial institutions of the former Soviet Union. His team had close scientific contacts with the Institute of Physics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the Design Bureau of Magnetohydrodynamics (Riga), with the Tallinn Polytechnical Institute, the Perm Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, the Moscow State Institute of Rare Metals. He was a regular participant of Riga MHD Conferences. He is the author of several monographs, multiple articles published in the Magnetohydrodynamics Journal, and numerous inventions in the field of applied MHD.

His knowledge and intuition in many cases allowed transforming analytical results to technical implementation, as it was with his participation in solving the problems of growing large-diameter high-purity silicon single crystals and the problems of improving the quality of continuous casting products.

For the last two decades, A.B. Kapusta lived in Israel and worked at the Center of MHD Studies and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The fruitful collaborations with the leading experts in the MHD field has resulted in the development of models of turbulent rotational flows, in the introduction of ideas for the modulated magnetic fields use in liquid metal processing, and in the development of new designs of MHD stirrers and pumps.

Prof. A.B. Kapusta was an excellent colleague and teacher. He generously shared his knowledge and ideas with staff and students. His advices helped both in the formulation of theoretical problems and in the implementation of complex physical experiments. Many of his students received later international recognition.

Colleagues and friends of Arkady Borisovich Kapusta and everyone who had the good chance to communicate with this outstanding person, full of creative ideas and inspiration, grieve over his death and express condolences to his family and relatives.


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