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Magnetic field and segregation during bridgman growth

T. Alboussiere2 - A. C. Neubrand1 - J. P. Garandet1 - R. Moreau2

1 Commissariat a l Energie Atomique DTA/CEREM/DEM/SES, Centre d Etudes Nucleares de Grenoble, 17 avenue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble Cedex 09, France
2 INPG Laboratoire EPM-MADYLAM, ENSHMG, BP 95 38402 Saint Martin d Heres Cedex, France

Axial segregation during horizontal Bridgman growth is investigated in the presence of a uniform axial magnetic field. Experiments have been carried out at several Hartmann numbers, as -well as numerical and theoretical studies. These last methods predict that the Hartmann number has no influence on the axial segregation until it reaches a given value depending on the intensity of the buoyancy driving force. Then, segregation is slowly decreasing by increasing the Hartmann number. Although experimental results seem to show this reduction of axial segregation with magnetic field, they were not precise enough until now to confirm numerical and theoretical results.

Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 31, No. 3, 268-275, 1995 [PDF, 0.47 Mb] (in Russian)
Magnetohydrodynamics 31, No. 3, 228-235, 1995 [PDF, 0.41 Mb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
Electronic edition ISSN 1574-0579
Printed edition ISSN 0024-998X