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Convection in ferrofluids caused by forced diffusion in a magnetic field gradient

S. Odenbach

Institute fur Materialwiossenshaften, Bergishe Univresitat GH Wupertal, Munigstener Str. 10, D-42285 Wupertal, FRG

We have investigated the behavior of a magnetic fluid under the influence of an inhomogeneous magnetic field gradient. We have measured the demixing of the fluid due to a forced diffusion of the magnetic particles in the field gradient. A temporary gradient in particle concentration antiparallel to the field gradient was predicted to drive a convective flow in the fluid [1]. This diffusion induced convection has also been observed using different techniques as neutron scattering, thermal anemometrie and inductive concentration measurements. The onset of the convective flow can be described with a model basing on a time dependent dimensionless parameter. Figs 6, refs 5.

Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 32, No. 4, 460-464, 1996 [PDF, 0.34 Mb] (in Russian)
Magnetohydrodynamics 32, No. 4, 429-434, 1996 [PDF, 0.33 Mb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
Electronic edition ISSN 1574-0579
Printed edition ISSN 0024-998X