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Separation of rare earth metals ions in a static magnetic field

K. Kolczyk - D. Kutyla - A. Cristofolini - R. Kowalik - P. Zabinski

Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals, AGH University of Science and Technology, al. A. Mickiewicza 30, Kraków, Poland \and Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi", University of Bologna, Via Zamboni, 33--40126 Bologna, Italy, Corresponding author:

Rare earth metals are recovered through hydrometallurgical processes. The most difficult stage is the separation from the REE ion mixture allowing pure metals extraction. The used methods are based on subtle differences in chemical properties between individual REE ions. The present work determines efficiency of the separation of aqueous solutions of rare earth metals basing on the differences in physical properties (magnetic moment). The distribution of ions in the solution takes place in a steady magnetic field generated by a set of neodymium magnets. The following parameters affecting the method efficiency are analyzed: time, solution pH, concentration of individual REE ions, complexing additives, as well as the experiment duration and location of stationary magnets in relation to the liquid. Figs 4, Refs 17.

Magnetohydrodynamics 52, No. 4, 541-548, 2016 [PDF, 0.51 Mb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
Electronic edition ISSN 1574-0579
Printed edition ISSN 0024-998X