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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 14, 2 (1978)

General and theoretical problems


N. A. Britov. Structure of flows excited by rotating magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

3 133

V. V. Kiryushin and V. A. Naletova. Motion of a cylindrical column and a drop of magnetic fluid in a rotating magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

9 138

A. N. Vislovich and A. K. Sinitsyn. Helical flows of a ferromagnetic colloid in an arbitrarily oriented uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

14 143

N. F. Patsegon. Structure of a weak jump in a magnetizable conducting fluid
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

19 148

Yu. M. Gel'fgat and S. V. Ol'shanskii. Velocity structure of flows in nonuniform constant magnetic fields. II. Experimental results
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

23 151

Ya. Freiberg. Tandem flow due to electrical eddies inside a corrugated pipe with a longitudinal mainstream
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

27 155

V. I. Sharamkin and E. V. Shcherbinin. Electrically driven vortical flow in the discharge between hyperbolic electrodes
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

32 159

O. A. Glazov. Motion of an electrically conductive fluid and heat transfer in an annular channel in an axial magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

39 166

M. Ya. Antimirov. Nonstationary flow of conducting fluid in a round channel in a nonuniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

47 173

L. G. Genin, S. P. Manchkha and V. G. Sviridov. Turbulent transfer coefficients in the case of the flow of a liquid metal in a tube in a longitudinal magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

54 179

A. D. Starostin. A laminar boundary layer on a permeable surface in crossed magnetic and nonuniform electric fields
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

60 184

Kh. E. Kalis. Plane-parallel free shear flow of a conductive fluid with straight streamlines in a strong uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

65 188

E. M. Shchelukhin, V. P. Burskii, S. P. Bakumenko, O. S. Yakushev and N. D. Afanas'ev. Laminar rotation of a conducting fluid driven by conductive forces in a cylindrical vessel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

73 196

N. P. Gridnev and S. S. Katsnel'son. Nonstationary two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flow in a radial channel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

77 200

M. S. Apfel'baum. Transfer of volume charge by weak flow of dielectric fluid in a strong nonuniform electric field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

83 206

Engineering problems


A. Ya. Vilnitis. Accounting for the effect of a yoke in an MHD linear induction machine by stipulating boundary conditions of a new kind
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

87 210

M. I. Brainin. Determination of pressure losses in the laminar flow of a viscous conducting fluid in an induction-type MHD pump channel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

97 219

A. I. Syusyukin. Investigation of the effectiveness of an inductive interaction between a layer of conducting fluid and external working loops
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

103 225

D. A. But, I. I. Doperchuk and S. M.-A. Koneev. Optimization of a diagonal MHD channel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

110 231

A. I. El'kin. Flow of an electrically conducting fluid in a distribution collector in a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

117 237

D. S. Kovner and A. N. Shmelev. Experimental investigation of a conduction-type compensated two-channel MHD pump with a leakage current
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

123 243

Z. N. Getselev and G. I. Martynov. Circulation of the metal in the liquid phase of an ingot formed by an electromagnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

127 247

I. V. Vitkovskii and I. R. Kirillov. Choice of regulators of the mass flow rate in liquid-metal systems
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

132 251

V. S. Nagornyi and V. I. Bezrukov. Analysis of an electrohydrodynamic converter with a radial electric field and fluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

137 256

Brief communications


V. V. Chekanov. Magnetooptical activity of a ferromagnetic fluid in reflected light
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

143 262

R. R. Krishberg and Ch. K. Mikryukov. An experimental investigation of MHD flow at high magnetic Reynolds numbers in induction pumps having side-wall busbars
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

144 263

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