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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 23, 1 (1987)


N. I. Kliorin, Dzh. G. Lominadze, A. A. Ruzmaikin and G. D. Chagelishvili. Self-excited oscillations of a diskotic dynamo
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

3 1

G. Mandal, A. S. Gupta and I. Pop. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of an incompressible viscous fluid caused by axisymmetric stretching of a plane sheet
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

10 7

A. O. Tsebers. Numerical simulation of the Saffmen-Taylor instability of magnetized liquids
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

15 13

V. B. Gorskii. Canonical equations of ideal magnetic hydrodynamics
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

24 20

A. T. Zinov'ev and V. N. Shtern. Secondary self-excited oscillations in Hartmann channel and boundary-layer flow
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

29 24

A. F. Pshenichnikov, A. V. Lebedev and K. I. Morozov. Effect of interaction between particles on the magnetostatic properties of magnetic liquids
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

37 31

K. I. Morozov. Antiferromagnetic model of aggregation of a magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

44 37

V. M. Korovin and Yu. L. Raikher. Entrainment of a magnetic fluid by the moving boundary of a plane-parallel layer
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

49 41

E. Ya. Blum, M. M. Maiorov, B. L. Nikoaru and A. O. Tsebers. Experimental study of the dispersion of the magnetic susceptibility of a colloid of magnetically rigid particles as a function of the external magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

53 45

V. G. Bashtovoi, V. P. Mikhalev, A. G. Reks and E. M. Taits. Instability of finite volumes of magnetic fluid in channels
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

58 49

K. Kh. Mansurov and V. V. Sokolov. Acoustic properties of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

63 54

A. I. Syusyukin. Possibility of stabilization of the Reyleigh-Taylor instability
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

67 58

I. M. Tolmach. Liquid-metal MHD machines for power and industry
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

77 66

V. Kh. Vlasyuk and V. I. Sharamkin. Numerical study of heat and mass transfer in an electrovortical flow in a longitudinal magnetic field II. Mass transfer in a cylindrical container
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

86 74

T. N. Aitov, A. B. Ivanov and A. V. Tananaev. Flow of liquid metal in a chute in a coplanar magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

91 78

A. E. Mikel'son and Ya. Kh. Karklin'. Characteristics of convection of an electrically conducting liquid in an additional external force field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

96 83

E. V. Murav'ev, V. A. Shmatenko and V. V. Yakovlev. Experimental study of a flow with a free surface in a turn in a strong magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

103 89

V. Boyarevich. Mathematical model of MHD processes in an aluminium electrolyzer
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

107 92

V. D. Zimin, N. Yu. Kolpakov and S. Yu. Khripchenko. Electrical eddies in a spherical cavity
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

116 100

S. Yu. Reutskii. Hydrodynamic instability of a uniform velocity distribution in a cylindrical pump
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

121 105

M. S. Drits, G. Ya. Zvane, E. A. Mor and M. V. Pukis. Computational method for cylindrical induction MHD pumps in the electrodynamic approximation
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF.rus]

125 109

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