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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 36, 1 (2000)

The special issue: Labyrinthine pattern formation - Part II


I. Drikis. Some aspects of the numerical simulation of the magnetic fluid pattern formation by boundary integral equation technique
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3 1

S. Y. Yang, I. J. Yang, H. E. Horng, Chin-Yih Hong and H. C. Yang. Observation and modeling of ordered structures of magnetic fluid films under perpendicular magnetic fields
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19 16

P. K. Khizhenkov and M. V. Netsvetov. Instabilities of the concentration structures of ferrocolloids. Qualitative features and an experimental models
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33 28

H. E. Horng, S. Y. Yang, S. L. Lee, J. M. Wu, J. T. Jeng, Chin-Yih Hong and H. C. Yang. Evidence of birefringence due to two phases in the magnetic fluid film
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39 33

General and theoretical problems


M. Ya. Antimirov and E. S. Ligere. Analytical solution for the problems of the conducting fluid inflow through lateral side of the plane channel in a strong magnetic field
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47 41

Applied problems


Yu. I. Dikansky, M. A. Bedzhanyan, I. Yu. Chuenkova and V. N. Suzdalev. Dynamics of the form of a drop of a magnetic liquid in rotating magnetic and stationary electric fields
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61 54

V. V. Chekanov and N. V. Kandaurova. Autofluctuations of magnetic liquid drops in electrical and magnetic fields
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69 60

Yu. I. Gorobets and S. V. Gorobets. Formation of stationary flows of liquid in vicinity of ferromagnetic packings in constant magnetic field
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75 65

A. I. Zhakin and A. E. Kuzko. Theoretical exploration of oxisymmetric EHD pump, included in a closed hydraulic loop
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79 69

V. P. Shamota. Flow of coducting fluid in finite length annular slot caused by the action of rotating magnetic field
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91 79

V. P. Shamota. flow of conducting fluid in finite length cylindrical vessel caused by the action of rotating magnetic field with arbitrary symmetry
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94 82

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