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Perspectives of using rotating permanent magnets for electromagnetic induction pump design

I. E. Bucenieks

Institute of Physics, University of Latvia, Salaspils-1, LV-2169, Latvia

Development and production of commercially available strong permanent magnets in the last decade gives a rise for using them in many applications allowing to replace traditional electromagnets. As one of potential applications the electromagnetic (EM) induction pump have been considered. Physical model of EM induction pump using rotating permanent magnets for creating alternating travelling magnetic field have been constructed and investigated in the loop for eutectic alloy In-Ga-Sn. Different modifications of pump with channel both without and with outer passive ferrous yoke and copper side bars suppressing transversal end effect have been investigated by measuring pressure-flowrate characteristics of pump. Modelling experiments demonstrated high efficiency of EM induction pump basing on rotating permanent magnets and its main advantages in comparison with traditional EM 3-phase induction pumps: no windings and no power consumption for creating a magnetic field, consequently, no electrical isolation and cooling problems and much higher efficiency. Figs 5, Refs 7.

Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 36, No. 2, 181-187, 2000 [PDF, 0.39 Mb]
Magnetohydrodynamics 36, No. 2, 151-156, 2000 [PDF, 0.66 Mb]

Copyright: Institute of Physics, University of Latvia
Electronic edition ISSN 1574-0579
Printed edition ISSN 0024-998X