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Magnetohydrodynamics 57, 3 (2021)

Special issue:

Selected papers of the Satellite Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD2021)

University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, August 2--3, 2021


Mathematical modelling in the Fluid Dynamics field, along with heat and mass transfer plays an essential role in physics, mathematics, biology, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, etc. Therefore, the Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM) at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) took the initiative to organize a specific conference on Fluid Dynamics only, known as the Satellite Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD2021). The first-time Satellite Conference CFD2021 was held in conjunction with the 9th International Conference on Research and Education in Mathematics (ICREM9). The virtual satellite conference CFD2021 was held in August 2--3, 2021. For more details refer to\_dynamics.php

CFD2021 provides a platform for participants to present the most recent discoveries in fluid flow modelling and to identify potential collaboration among local and international researchers. It also provides a platform to strengthen further the cooperative relations a mong global and regional research institutions. The CFD2021 offers the possibility to publish research works in journals indexed and abstracted in Scopus and JCR databases. All the contributions to CFD2021 are evaluated based on their originality, significance, interest, correctness, clarity, and relevance to the broader community. However, the articles submitted for publishing to the Magnetohydrodynamics Journal are expected to highlight the latest progress in the MHD field, using applied mathematics.

The topics of presentations relevant to the scope of the latest CFD2021 included

Mathematical modelling
Numerical methods
Analytical methods
Heat and mass transfer
Non-Newtonian fluids
Micropolar fluids
Hybrid nanofluids
Marangoni and B\'{e}nard--Marangoni convection
Double diffusive convection
Mixed convection
Engineering flows
Biological flows
Compressible flows
Geophysical flows
Microscale flows
Multiphase flows
Particle-laden flows
Reactive flows
Rotating flows

During the conference, fundamental and applied aspects of the MHD sciences together with numerical and analytical solutions have been discussed. This great variety of scientific topics shows the richness of magnetohydrodynamics. It is certain that many results will continue to feed this scientific domain and will be presented at the next conference.

The organizers warmly thank all co-organizers, as follows: i) the Institute Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, ii) Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (IMVAST), Vietnam, iii) Thai Nguyen University of Education (TNUE), Vietnam, iv) Universit\"{a}t der Bundeswehr M\"{u}nchen (UniBw), Germany, and v) the Malaysian Academy of Mathematical Scientists, Malaysia (AISMM) for their support and efforts, without which the conference would not have been of the same quality. Furthermore, we are grateful to sponsors and funding agencies, namely, i) Management Science/Operations Research Society of Malaysia (MSORSM) (as the main sponsor), ii) Malaysian Academy of Mathematical Scientist (AISMM), iii) Institute of Statistics Malaysia (ISMy), iv) Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society (PERSAMA), v) Malaysian Society for Cryptology Research (MSCR), vi) SAS Institute Sdn. Bhd., vii) Myren Network Sdn. Bhd., and viii) Edaran Komachi Sdn. Bhd. for their generous contributions to make this event a success.

Special thanks to the Guest Editors of the Special Issue of Magnetohydrodynamics, namely,

Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi
(Lead of Guest Editors)

Dr. Siti Suzilliana Putri Mohamed Isa

Dr. Nadihah Wahi

Dr. Saleha Maarof

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lai Soon LEE

Co-Chair 9th International Conference on Research and Education in Mathematics (ICREM9)
Institute for Mathematical Research
University Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

K. Ahmad, S. S. P. M. Isa, Z. Wahid and Z. Hanouf. The impact of Newtonian heating on magnetic Casson nanofluid flow with variable consistency over a variable surface thickness
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.1]


H. M. Azmi, S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin and H. Rosali. Numerical study of mixed convection and buoyancy ratio on MHD fluid flow beyond an inclined sheet
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.2]


N. S. Ismail, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin, R. Nazar and N. Bachok. The effect of thermal radiation, velocity slip and viscous dissipation on MHD stagnation-point flow and heat transfer over a shrinking sheet in nanofluids with stability analysis
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.3]


S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa, N. M. Arifin and F. M. Ali. Soret--Dufour impacts on inclined magnetic Casson fluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.4]


S. Parvin, N. Balakrishnan and S. S. P. M. Isa. MHD Casson fluid flow under the temperature and concentration gradients
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.5]


S. Parvin, S. S. P. M. Isa and S. K. Soid. Three-dimensional model of double diffusive magnetohydrodynamic Newtonian fluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.6]


R. I. Yahaya and N. M. Arifin. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of hybrid Ag-CuO/H2O nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking porous plate with viscous-Ohmic dissipation and heat generation/absorption
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.7]


M. Z. H. Supian, N. A. A. M. Nasir and A. Ishak. Stagnation point flow and heat transfer over an exponentially stretching/shrinking Riga plate with effects of radiation and heat source/sink
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.57.3.8]


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