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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 4, 1 (1968)

General and theoretical problems


G. G. Kapustyanenko. A mechanism for generating reaction energy by the interaction of a plasma with a moving magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

3 1

E. P. Vaulin and N. B. Starinskaya. Ohm's law for partially ionized gases in crossed electric and magnetic fields at large diffusion velocities
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

9 5

Yu. N. Denisov and V. V. Proshkin. Collision of a gasmagnetic shock wave with a flat barrier in infinitely conducting inert and reactive media
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

15 9

P. P. Kostenko and S. D. Frolov. Calculation of the flow of a dissociating gas in an MHD generator channel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

20 12

I. V. Lavrent'ev. Effect of the length of a nonconducting barrier on the characteristics of an MHD generator
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

27 17

S. M. Apollonskii and Yu. P. Kos'kin. Electrode wall boundary layers and their effect on the efficiency of energy conversion in MHD channels
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

33 21

V. S. Yuferev. Interaction of the boundary layer over a cold electrode with the core flow in an MHD generator
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

41 26

A. I. Bertinov and D. A. But. Calculation of the internal magnetic field in one-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flow
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

48 31

I. K. Kukin and O. S. Pankratov. An experimental investigation of laminar MHD flow of an incompressible fluid in a diffuser
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

57 37

G. G. Branover, A. S. Vasil'ev, A. B. Tsinober and A. Ya. Shkerstena. Distribution of flow velocities in a rectangular pipe situated with the long side of its cross section in the direction of a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

65 42

L. A. Vulis, T. A. Paramonova and B. A. Fomenko. The resistance of a liquid metal flowing in a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

68 44

L. I. Skurin. Turbulent plane-parallel MHD flow in a transverse magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

75 49

M. M. Ignatenko. The electric field in an MHD channel of rectangular cross section with semi-infinite electrodes
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

80 52

V. M. Sych. Magnetohydrodynamic flow in rectangular channels with forced flow through porous walls
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

85 55

V. I. Tokatly. Flow in an inviscid magnetic boundary layer
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

93 59

M. Kh. Ibragimov, N. I. Loginov and V. I. Subbotin. Effect of a transverse magnetic field on the velocity profile in a circular pipe
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

101 64

Yu. A. Krikun, Yu. C. Kuksa, A. E. Mikel'son, V. A. Rezvitskii and Z. D. Chernyi. Oscillations of a liquid metal cylinder allowing for magnetic viscosity
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

105 67

N. M. Pisarev. The convection of a conducting fluid in a long vertical pipe with an annular cross section
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

109 70

Ya. Ya. Valdmanis and Ya. Ya. Lielpeter. Electromagnetic analysis of an approximate model of an induction MHD machine with account for the secondary circuit
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

114 73

A. Ya. Vilnitis, E. V. Yubelis, Ya. R. Shmit, G. Ya. Zvane and Yu. P. Ushakov. Optimization of flat induction pumps with allowance for the thickness effect and hydraulic losses
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

123 79

Yu. A. Birzvalk. Fringe effect in conduction MHD machines when part of the current branches along the channel
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

129 83

Yu. A. Birzvalk and V. A. Teplyakov. Determination of the dynamic shunt conductance of a DC conduction pump
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

138 89

V. B. Bol'shakov and L. M. Korsunskii. Optimum pole length in the magnetic systems of electromagnetic flowmeters
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

141 91

V. V. Proshkin. Theory of the induction method of plasma velocity measurement
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

147 95

Z. N. Getselev and G. I. Martynov. Calculation of the electromagnetic pressure in an induction valve
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

150 97

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