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Magnetohydrodynamics 56, 2/3 (2020)

Special issue:

Selected papers of the 11th PAMIR International Conference

on Fundamental and Applied MHD

Reims, France July 1--5, 2019


This special issue presents some papers from more than 100 selected communications that were presented during the 11th International PAMIR Conference on Fundamental and Applied MagnetoHydroDynamics. This conference was organised in Reims, Champagne Capital, from July 1 to July 5, 2019. The Conference was jointly organized by French Universities of Grenoble and Reims, the Institute of Physics (University of Latvia), the University of Cagliari, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), the French Ministry of Research, the French Scientific Research National Center (CNRS), and French Institutes in Latvia and Algeria sponsored the conference. To enlarge the scientific community involved in MHD research, an International Summer School that was jointly organized during the conference gathered numerous students.

During the conference, all the fundamental and applied aspects of MHD sciences have been discussed with specific themes, such as (i) basic MHD (convection and heat transfer in MHD, dynamo, instabilities and transition to turbulence, jets and surface waves, modelling of MHD turbulence, numerical and experimental methods, strong magnetic field, novel MHD problems and applications), (ii) liquid metal technologies for coolant applications (MHD pumps and flow control, measuring techniques for liquid metal coolants, corrosion by liquid metal, liquid metal mixing), (iii) applied MHD for material applications (metallurgical applications, magneto-electrolysis, MHD in crystal growth, electromagnetic processing of materials, magneto-static), (iv) ferrofluids (magnetic liquids, electrohydrodynamics), and some joint aspects as thermo-acoustic (modelling and numerical 2D and 3D simulation, engines for refrigeration, air conditioning electrical power, high and low heat source temperature and power scaling, thermo-acoustics for space missions) and space technologies (containment of liquid metals, MHD thrusters and solar sails).

This great variety of scientific fields shows the richness of MHD, the themes of this eleventh international conference after the previous ones that have taken place since 1991. It is certain that many results will continue to feed this scientific domain and will be presented during the next PAMIR Conference which will take place in Coventry (England) in 2022.

The organizers warmly thank all the sponsors who contributed to the financing of the event, which could not have been of the same quality without their participation.

J.-P. Chopart, A. Alemany, A.-L. Daltin
Chairmen of the 11th International PAMIR Conference

L. Buligins, G. Gerbeth, C. Latge, A. Montisci
Co-Chairmen of the 11th International PAMIR Conference


X. Y. Leng, Yu. B. Kolesnikov, D. Krasnov and B. W. Li. MHD Taylor-Couette flow with insulating walls at periodic condition and low magnetic Reynolds number
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


A. Beltrán, J. Núñez and I. Alfonso. Electromagnetically driven flow of weak electrolyte with liquid metal stratified in a cylindrical container: experimental study
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


D. Krasnov, Yu. B. Kolesnikov, I. A. Belyaev, Ya. I. Listratov and O. Zikanov. Liquid metal swirling flow affected by transverse magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


L. Bühler, H.-J. Brinkmann and C. Mistrangelo. Experimental investigation of liquid metal pipe flow in a strong non-uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


J. Pérez-Barrera, J. McCloughan, S. A. Suslov and S. Cuevas. Instability of swirling electrolyte flows driven electromagnetically
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


V. Klüber, L. Bühler and C. Mistrangelo. Numerical investigation of liquid metal flow in square channels under inclined magnetic fields for fusion relevant parameters
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


R. Akhmedagaev, O. Zikanov, D. Krasnov and J. Schumacher. Rayleigh--Bénard convection in strong vertical magnetic field: flow structure and verification of numerical method
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


T. Lappan, M. Sarma, S. Heitkam, P. Trtik, D. Mannes, K. Eckert and S. Eckert. Neutron radiography of particle-laden liquid metal flow driven by an electromagnetic induction pump
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


K. Patouillet, L. Davoust and O. Doche. Viscosimetry of a non-Newtonian interface: The interesting role of MHD
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


A. Sellier and S. H. Aydin. Particle-particle interactions in axisymmetric MHD viscous flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


T. Wondrak, V. Galindo, F. Stefani, F. Schindler, T. Vogt and S. Eckert. Contactless inductive flow tomography for a Rayleigh-Bénard setup with aspect ratio 0.5
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


O. Budenkova, A. Gagnoud and Y. Delannoy. Numerical simulations of turbulent flow in an electromagnetically levitated metallic droplet using k-Ω SST and Reynolds stress models
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


S. Mandrykin, V. Ozernykh and I. Kolesnichenko. Electro-vortex flow of liquid metal in a cylindrical cell with localized current supply and variable aspect ratio
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


M. Seilmayer, J. Ogbonna and F. Stefani. Convection-caused symmetry breaking of azimuthal magnetorotational instability in a liquid metal Taylor--Couette flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


T. Weier, I. Grants, G. M. Horstmann, S. Landgraf, M. Nimtz, P. Personnettaz, F. Stefani and N. Weber. Conductivity influence on interfacial waves in liquid metal batteries and related two-layer systems
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


P. Personnettaz, S. Landgraf, M. Nimtz, N. Weber and T. Weier. Effects of current distribution on mass transport in the positive electrode of a liquid metal battery
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]



A. Brēķis, J. E. Freibergs and A. Alemany. Initial experimental tests on space trips facility of thermoacoustic-to-mhd energy converter
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]



F. Stefani, A. Giesecke, M. Seilmayer, R. Stepanov and T. Weier. Schwabe, Gleissberg, Suess-de Vries: Towards a consistent model of planetary synchronization of solar cycles
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


E. Mikhailov and V. Pushkarev. Influence of star formation on galactic magnetic fields in a model with vertical structure
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]



T. Fehling and E. Baake. Electromagnetic and chemical numerical coupling method in bubbly liquid metal flows for optimization of carbon dioxide free production of hydrogen
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


B. Nacke, T. Fehling and I. Pozniak. Numerical and experimental investigation of the skull melting process for continuous pouring of oxides
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


M. Stübner, J.-P. Chopart and A. L. Daltin. Thin films of undoped and Ni-doped Cu2O electrodeposited under a homogeneous magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


E. V. Seredenko, V. I. Dubodelov and V. A. Seredenko. Distribution of diamagnetic Cu, ferromagnetic Fe and paramagnetic Ti in Al-based alloy solidified in constant magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


I. Kaldre and A. Bojareviċs. Electromagnetic contactless method for metal matrix composite production
[Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]


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