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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 12, 1 (1976)

General and theoretical problems


A. M. Soward and P. H. Roberts. Recent developments in dynamo theory
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

3 1

V. M. Korovin. Electrohydrodynamic instability of the laminar flow of a film of liquid adjacent to a stream of gas
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

52 36

I. T. Selezov and V. V. Yakovlev. Diffraction of a cylindrical MHD wave by a magnetoelastic cylinder
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

61 44

V. B. Gorskii. Relativistic MGD flow in the hodograph plane
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

71 52

A. A. Rakhimov and G. B. Sher'yazdanov. Theory of a thin body in magnetohydrodynamics
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

76 57

A. V. Volkov, M. M. Gurfink and A. P. Poluektov. Stability of a rotational MHD flow and its transition to turbulence in an axial magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

81 61

L. G. Genin and S. P. Manchkha. Numerical modeling of MHD turbulence in wave-number space
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

89 67

I. E. Bucenieks, D. E. Peterson, V. I. Sharamkin and E. V. Shcherbinin. Magnetohydrodynamic fluid flows in a closed space with a nonuniform electric current
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

92 70

G. A. Vitkov. Suspension of conducting liquid in crossed electric and magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

98 75

Engineering problems


B. V. Eliseev, A. B. Imanov and K. N. Mkrtychan. Theory of the radial field vortex MHD generator with an annular channel
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

102 79

I. V. Vitkovskii and I. V. Lavrent'ev. Electromagnetic processes in an annular channel with finite magnetic Reynolds numbers
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

107 83

A. I. Vol'dek, L. F. Boronina and E. V. Tolvinskaya. Distribution of the electromagnetic power and force over the zones of a linear induction-type MHD machine
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

112 87

V. V. Afanas'ev and O. N. Veselovskii. Investigation of electromagnetic processes in a two-phase controlled inductor with a finite conducting zone
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

119 93

G. M. Gekht and I. M. Tolmach. Transitional processes in a cylindrical induction pump fed from a separate synchronous generator
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

127 99

A. Ya. Shishko and I. N. Mikryukova. Analysis of an MHD channel with barriers at any value of the magnetic Reynolds number
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

133 105

V. S. Gorovits, Yu. I. Gusev and M. Z. Sorkin. Flow of a liquid with a free surface within the near-electrode zone of an MHD device
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

139 109

P. V. Krast, V. M. Krauya and E. K. Yankop. Experimental study of a regulating MHD conduction throug
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

143 113

Yu. M. Gel'fgat and L. A. Gorbunov. Pressure losses due to circulation currents in the shaped channel of an MHD pump with axial current
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

147 116

Brief communication


D. S. Kovner and A. Ya. Kolpakov. Effect of the magnetic Reynolds number on the magnetic field distribution in the flat channel of an MHD conduction generator
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

152 120

Ya. Kh. Gorbul'skii and E. I. Kuznetsov. Improving the efficiency of rotating permanent magnets in induction pumps
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

154 122



A. O. Lielausis and M. V. Fillipov. Magnetohydrodynamics seminar held in Riga
[Abstract] [PDF] [PDF]

157 125

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