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Magnitnaya Gidrodinamika 1, 2 (1965)

General and theoretical problems


V. B. Levin. On the stabilizing effect of a longitudinal magnetic field upon the nonhomogeneous turbulent motion of a conducting fluid
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

3 1

D. S. Kovner. Hypothesis of localism applied to the turbulent flow of an electrically conducting fluid in a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

11 7

R. V. Polovin. The Chapman-Jouguet theorem in magnetohydrodynamics
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

19 13

S. S. Moiseev and V. R. Smilyanskii. Wave transformation in magnetohydrodynamics
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

23 16

E. P. Kruglyakov, V. K. Malinovskii and Yu. E. Nesterikhin. The possibility of temperature and density measurements in nonstationary plasmas by means of optical interferometry
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

31 22

A. M. Iskol'dskii, R. Kh. Kurtmullaev, V. N. Luk'yanov, Yu. E. Nesterikhin and A. G. Ponomarenko. On certain characteristics of plasmas heated by collisionless shock waves
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

35 25

V. M. Fedrov. Investigation of a linear plasma accelerator in a transverse magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

44 31

A. I. Bertinov, D. A. But, P. V. Vasyukevich and V. N. Kalgin. Channel profiles for producing vortex flows in weakly ionized gases in transverse magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

55 38

V. S. Kushnir, I. I. Novikov, L. D. Pichakhchi and V. N. Fokin. Theoretical and experimental studies of the self-excitation regimes associated with interaction of a traveling magnetic field and a flow of ionized gas
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

67 48

E. B. Benenson and A. L. Genkin. Fringe effects in magnetohydrodynamic generators
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

80 58

N. I. Pekhteleva and A. G. Smirnov. Hydrodynamics of an electrolyte in a rectangular vessel with plane electrodes in the presence of a constant magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

89 65

A. E. Mikel'son, U. A. Saulite and A. Ya. Shkerstena. Characteristics of coreless cylindrical induction pumps
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

92 67

Ya. Ya. Valdmanis, P. E. Kunin, Yu. Ya. Mikel'son and I. M. Taksar. Conducting strip in the traveling electromagnetic field of a plane inductor
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

101 75

S. V. Vasil'ev, N. M. Okhremenko and L. G. Smirnova. Experimental study of the magnetic fields in induction pumps
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

111 83

V. I. Mezhburd and L. R. Reimal. The characteristics of armature reaction in helical DC pumps
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

123 92

M. G. Rezin. Advances in electromagnetic stirring of liquid metals
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

130 98

N. R. Aronova, V. P. Polishchuk and M. R. Tsin. Electromagnetic mixing of liquid metal using a pulsating field
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

139 104

U. Ts. Andres and B. B. Gul. Basic parameters of an inclined duct-type magnetohydrodynamic separator
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

145 108

V. N. Shakhtarin. Study of iron-core DC electromagnets used in MHD machines
[Abstract] [PDF.eng] [PDF]

151 113

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