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Magnetohydrodynamics 49, 3/4 (2013)

Special issue: Selected papers of the 13th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids ``ICMF-13'', New Delhi, India, January 7--11, 2013

[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.1]


Synthesis and Characterization

D. Vanidha, A. Arunkumar, S. Rajagopan and R. Kannan. Enhancement of magnetization with decreased coercivity in nickel doped cobalt ferrite by coating with oleic acid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.2]


M. Rajnak, M. Timko, L. Tomco, K. Marton, J. Kurimsky, B. Dolnik, R. Cimbala, M. Molcan and P. Kopċanský. Dielectric properties of magnetic fluids based on transformer oil ITO 100 in a high frequency electric field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.3]


C. N. Marin, P. C. Fannin, K. Raj and V. Socoliuc. Magneto-dielectric spectroscopy of magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.4]


S. K. Barala, M. Arora, Chandni Puri, K. K. Saini, R. K. Kotnala and P. K. Saini. Ferrofluid/activated carbon composites for water purification and EMI shielding applications
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.5]


M. Kubovċikova, I. Antal, M. Koneracka, V. Závišová, A. Jurikova, K. Siposova, Z. Gazova, J. Kovaċ, M. Kovarik, D. Kupka and P. Kopċanský. Magnetic nanoparticles modified with polyethylene glycol
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.6]


A. O. Ivanov, O. B. Kuznetsova and I. M. Subbotin. Magnetic properties of ferrofluid emulsions: the effect of droplet elongation
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.7]


L. Melnikova, Z. Mitroova, M. Timko, J. Kovaċ, M. Koralewski, M. Pochylski, M. V. Avdeev, V. I. Petrenko, V. M. Garamus, L. Almasy and P. Kopċanský. Physical characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles in magnetoferritin
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.8]


E. Pyanzina. Bidisperse ferrofluids with chain aggregates: microstructure and macroscopic properties
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.9]


A. Kumar and M. S. Yadav. Synthesis and characterization of Gd3+ ion-doped Mn–Zn ferrite nanoparticles
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.10]


Yu. B. Kazakov, I. M. Arefyev and T. A. Arefyeva. Investigation of magnetic fluid colloidal and thermal stability
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.11]


A. Shankar, M. Chand, S. Kumar, V. N. Singh, G. A. Basheed, S. Thakur and R. P. Pant. Spin resonance investigations on water-based magnetite ferrofluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.12]


G. S. Shahane, K. V. Zipare and R. P. Pant. Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles for ferrofluid application
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.13]


V. Kumar, A. Rana and O. P. Thakur. Investigations on structural and electrical properties of La3+ doped Ni0.5Zn0.5LaxFe2−xO4 nanoparticles
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.14]


B. Frka-Petesic, E. Dubois, L. Almasy, V. Dupuis, F. Cousin and R. Perzynski. Structural probing of clusters and gels of self-aggregated magnetic nanoparticles
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.15]


Design and Preparation of Magnetic Fluid

M. Anwar, M. Asfer, S. Akhter, S. Mohapatra, M. H. Warsi, N. Jain, N. Mallick, G. K. Jain, A. Ali, P. K. Panigrahi and F. J. Ahmad. Aqueous phase transfer of oleic acid coated iron oxide nanoparticles: influence of solvents and surfactants on stability and pharmaceutical applications of ferrofluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.16]


Physics of Ferrofluid

S. Sudo, M. Shinozaki and H. Nishiyama. The dynamic behaviour of magnet-magnetic fluid systems in alternating magnetic fields
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.17]


A. S. Vinogradova, V. A. Naletova, V. A.Turkov and A. G. Reks. Influence of apex angles of limiting conic surfaces on the hysteresis of the shape of a magnetic fluid drop on a line conductor
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.18]


W. Gault, Y. Iwamoto, X.-D. Niu, F. Magoules and H. Yamaguchi. Magnetic ejection effect under uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.19]


E. Blūms, V. Šints, A. Meżulis and G. Kroņkalns. New problems of mass transport in magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.20]


Y. Fujita, A. Isnikurniawan, S. Tanimoto and T. Sawada. Ultrasonic characteristics of a magnetic fluid under compressive force
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.21]


Huei Chu Weng, Jun-Yu Zhang and Chieh-Li Chen. Influence of magnetic forces on the magnetic fluid pendant drop profile
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.22]


S. C. Bhatt and Om Prakash Nautiyal. Ultrasonic study of ferrofluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.23]


Kruti Shah and R. V. Upadhyay. Influence of ultrasonic frequency on field induced hysteresis phenomena observed in magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.24]


T. I. Volkova, V. A. Naletova and V. A. Turkov. Magnetic fluid volume between horizontal plates in the field of an electromagnetic coil
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.25]


Free Surface Phenomena

N. Modak, A. Datta and R. Ganguly. Influence of the microchannel geometry on magnetophoretic separation of functionalized magnetic beads in a microfluidic sorter and field flow fractionation device
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.26]


Y. Mizuta. Interface stability analysis of magnetic fluid by using a method for general use and nonlinear response
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.27]


M. Habera, M. Fabian, M. Šviková and M. Timko. The influence of magnetic field on free surface ferrofluid flow
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.28]


H. Yamasaki, X.-D. Niu and H. Yamaguchi. Measurement of solid-phase concentration in solid-liquid flow using magnetic fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.29]


Heat and Mass Transfer

A. Józefczak, A. Hashim, M. Molcan, T. Hornowski, A. Skumiel, M. Rajnak, P. Kopčanský and M. Timko. Elastic properties of bacterial magnetite nanoparticles suspension
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.30]


A. Mežulis, E. Blūms, M. Maiorov and A. Līckrastiņa. Sedimentation of interacting nanoparticles
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.31]


M. Krichler and S. Odenbach. Investigation of the effect of a magnetic field on the thermal conductivity in magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.32]


D. Zablotsky and E. Blūms. Enhancement of mass transfer through convective symmetry breaking in photoabsorptive concentration gratings in thin ferrofluid layers
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.33]


A. Isnikurniawan,, Y. Fujita, S. Tanimoto and T. Sawada. Investigation of ultrasonic properties of MR fluid under various sweep rates of magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.34]


Ji-Ching Lai, Chia-Chun Tang and Chin-Yih Hong. Motion of bio-functionalized magnetic nanoparticle clusters under a rotating magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.35]


C. E. Nanjundappa and B Vijay Kumar. Penetrative ferroconvection via internal heating in a ferrofluid anisotropic porous medium
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.36]


H. Yamaguchi and Y. Iwamoto. Heat transport with temperature-sensitive magnetic fluid for application to micro-cooling device
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.37]


C. E. Nanjundappa and R. Nataraj. Thermal convective instability in a micropolar ferromagnetic fluid saturated porous layer heated from below
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.38]



C. E. Nanjundappa and B. Savitha. Effect of temperature dependent viscosity on the ferroconvection onset in a ferrofluid saturated porous medium
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.39]


J. Popp, I. Zeidis, K. Zimmermann, V. Böhm, V. A. Naletova, V. A. Turkov, D. A. Pelevina and A. V. Rozin. Enhanced deformation of magnetizable fluids for efficiency increase of ferrofluid based locomotion systems
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.40]


L. Sprenger, A. Lange and S. Odenbach. Influence of thermodiffusive particle transport on thermomagnetic convection in magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.41]


Injamamul Arief and P. K. Mukhopadhyay. Fabrication and viscoelastic properties of PVC coated magnetite agglomerates in magneto-rheological suspension
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.42]


O. P. Nautiyal and S. C. Bhatt. Rheological study and applications of ferrofluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.43]


M. Chand, S. Kumar, A. Shankar, Sonia and Komal Jain, S. Singh and R. P. Pant. The effect of size distribution on viscoelastic properties of ferrofluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.44]


Complex Fluid and Soft Magnetic Matters

Th. Gundermann, S. Günther, D. Borin and S. Odenbach. Detection of the surface deformation of magneto-active composites using X-ray μ-tomography
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.45]


K. Das, M. Sarkar, A. Mukhopadhyay and R. Ganguly. Transient response of a ferrofluid plug-driven micropump
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.46]


A. Mukherjee, A. Vaidya and P. Yecko. Laminar shear in a ferrofluid: stability studies
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.47]


Anant Kumar Singh, Sunil Jha and Pulak M. Pandey. Rheological behavior of MR polishing fluid in ball end magnetorheological finishing process
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.48]



T. Oyamada, H. Masuda, K. Ikari and T. Sawada. Damping characteristics of semi-active tuned liquid column damper with a magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.49]


S. Kaneko, T. Ishiyama, S. Takemoto and T. Sawada. Effect of a magnetic field on sloshing in a two-layer fluid
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.50]


Y. Mitamura, T. Yano, W. Nakamura and E. Okamoto. A magnetic fluid seal for rotary blood pumps: behaviors of magnetic fluids in a magnetic fluid seal with a shield
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.51]


Renu Bajaj. On the stability of the heated plane Poiseuille flow in magnetic fluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.52]


D. A. Pelevina, V. A. Naletova and V. A. Turkov. The behaviour of a magnetic fluid covered with an impermeable film in a non-uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.53]


K. Gitter and S. Odenbach. Simulation of magnetic drug targeting for a branched artery-model with non-Newtonian flow behaviour of blood
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.54]


S. Khushrushahi, M. Zahn and T. A. Hatton. Magnetic separation method for oil spill cleanup
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.55]


S. Dürr, R. Tietze, S. Lyer, C. Janko, E. Schreiber, J. Mann, R. Turcu, K. Gitter, S. Odenbach, S. Vasylyev, M. Herrmann, W. Peukert and C. Alexiou. Characterizations of drug carrying magnetic nanoparticles for tumor therapy: biological outcome and first immunological aspects
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.56]


K. Siposova, M. Kubovċikova, Z. Bednarikova, M. Koneracka, V. Závišová, P. Kopċanský and Z. Gazova. MFBSAs as therapeutic agents targeting insulin amyloidosis
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.57]


D. Zablotsky. On the presence of magnetoconvection in extended photo-absorptive microstructures in ferrofluid layers
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.58]


K. Raj, Y. Hirota and T. Black. Current and emerging applications of ferrofluids
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.59]


V. Singh and M. Sharma. Light intensity measurements of colloidal stability of Fe3O4 particles in aqueous suspensions for biomedical applications
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.60]


P. Kopċanský, N. Tomašoviċová, T. Tóth-Katona, N. Éber, M. Timko, V. Závišová, J. Majorošová, M. Rajňak, J. Jadzyn and X. Chaud. Increasing the magnetic sensitivity of liquid crystals by rod-like magnetic nanoparticles
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.61]


V. Bashtovoi, A. Motsar, V. Naletova, A. Reks and D. Pelevina. Free surface of magnetic fluid with a spherical ferromagnetic body in a uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.62]


N. Umehara, T. Kusumi and Y. Akagami. Magnetic and electric field assisted polishing for the control of the distribution of abrasives
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.63]


Young Scientist Awardees

C. A. Bushueva. Drop structures formed by ferrofluid in the uniform magnetic field
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.64]


S. Khushrushahi, T. A. Hatton and M. Zahn. Magnet configurations for improved separations of magnetic and non-magnetic materials
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.65]


S. Prabhakaran. Dual-functional core-shell Au@Fe3O4 nanoparticles for cellular imaging and magnetic hyperthermia
[Abstract] [PDF] [ DOI: 10.22364/mhd.49.3-4.66]


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